Transport Collectables Market


Welcome to where ViaVa originally to be called Jerna Collectables) will land.

I am still working on creating this site despite the years rolling by, the high standard I have set for it is taking quite some work but I am not prepared to compromise on it, yes daft as they come but very determined!

Born from a desire that buying and selling of transport related items need not be confined to the restrictions of major sites who make buying and selling a complicated process.

It is intended that sellers on this site will be by invitation only based on a proven excellent service to buyers on other sites. Starting with myself I have been selling as jimanato with the store name of "Jimanato's Halcyon Days" on eBay from 2005 to 2008 and on Specialist Auctions from 2007 to 2011, plus direct sales. My references comprise the regular positive comments and associated feedback ratings I have received from many UK and international buyers and return buyers.

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